Case Studies


Capital Staffing Solutions has proven expertise in MSP/VMS programs. In 2010, we were added as a primary staffing supplier for one of the largest healthcare organizations in Florida. Our goal with this client was to provide a significantly higher level of service than our competitors and become their top staffing partner. We dedicated a team of two account managers and several recruiters to support the large volume of positions with this customer. Jobs supported for this client include Information Technology, Corporate Support and Clerical roles. Over a period of 3 years from 2010 to 2013 we grew our relationship with this client to become their highest rated supplier of external labor.

  • Top Supplier for non-IT hires in 2013 – 108 total hires
  • Top Supplier for IT hires in 2013 – 84 total hires
  • Ended 2013 with 157 active contractors on assignment. Next closest supplier was at 67 active assignments.


Capital Staffing Solutions has the ability to support their clients on a national level as well. In October of 2013, Capital Staffing was added as a primary staffing partner for a client who requested support for their 113 offices nationwide. In a short period of time we created a thriving partnership, quickly becoming their top staffing vendor. We are currently supporting all staffing labor categories for this client including – Information Technology, Corporate Support, Clerical roles and Light Industrial. We first started receiving requirements from this client in November of 2013. During the initial 3 month period we responded to 91% of their requests and hired 72 new consultants.


At Capital Staffing Solutions, our goal with every new client partnership is to become the top staffing supplier as quickly as possible. Capital Staffing Solutions was added as a primary staffing supplier for a new MSP program based in New York in 2013. Capital Staffing was engaged originally to support the Clerical and Operations labor categories, but the client quickly came to understand our capabilities and asked us to support all of their staffing needs. We are now currently supporting all labor categories and all work locations for this client. Over the initial 6 month period when we started working with this client we responded to 93% of their open requests with qualified candidates. We hired 23 contract workers in that same 6 month time period. Within our first year we became the top staffing vendor for this client. They have been so pleased with our level of service that they have introduced us to several other new clients with similar needs.


We were introduced to a large health services organization through an existing client.  They had a need to staff the entire call center, which included 65 positions. This included 50 Customer Service Representatives, 5 Workforce Analysts, 5 Call Quality Analysts, 2 Call Center Supervisors, 2 Call Center Managers, and 1 Workforce Manager. We initially won the bid to staff for this project in March and the target date to be fully staffed and operational was May 2nd. We built a relationship in a short period of time to better understand the business and culture and developed an onboarding strategy to meet their desired goals. We determined that we needed to augment our staff with a recruiter that was onsite at the client. This recruiter attended various job fairs solely dedicated to staffing this project. The onboarding process was staggered and we set weekly goals in order to meet the total number of 65. We also built a pipeline of additional backup candidates for any turnover from the original hires. The end result was that our team of high volume recruiters successfully identified, screened and staffed the entire call center with all 65 positions within a 4 week period of time. We met all of their performance metrics and timelines for the project.


We feel that if we do an excellent job with our existing customers, those customers will introduce us to new clients. In 2013 Capital Staffing Solutions was referred by one of our existing clients to support a new client in Louisiana. We quickly became an impactful and valuable staffing supplier for this customer. We are currently supporting all of their requirements including Customer Service, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Billing and Data Entry. This client has been highly satisfied with our service.

  • Response rate of 100% on requests received
  • Turnaround – response rate has been less than 24 hours on all requests
  • 44 total placements over the initial 6 month period


Capital Staffing Solutions was added as a primary staffing supplier for a large retail chain in 2008. We have maintained an outstanding record of success with this client since becoming a staffing partner. Out of 8 competitors, Capital Staffing is currently the highest ranked staffing supplier.

  • 155 Requisitions Received comprising 262 Total Positions
  • 578 Total Submittals with 249 Interviews (43% Submittal to Interview %)
  • 104 Total Placements (42% Interview to Hire %)
  • Capital Staffing Solutions placed candidates in 67% of the requisitions received and accounted for the 40% of the total contract placements


For many of our high volume projects we centralize the recruiting out of one of our national recruiting hubs. Our recruiters working in these recruiting hubs have an average of 8.5 years of staffing experience and a significant amount of experience staffing for high volume projects. One type of project we were selected to manage was staffing for a large financial institution. Each week we were tasked with identifying and onboarding a full class 20-25 new contract employees for training the following week. Our strategy for staffing for these high volume classes is to identify and interview a large pool of applicants on a weekly basis. We also handled administration of any applicable testing (call center assessment, skills testing, personality assessment, etc.), the background screenings and onboarding all of the new hires prior to starting the training class. Our client was pleased with our expertise in staffing high-volume customer service and call center positions as well as our industry expertise in banking and finance. Our recruiters are trained in various behavioral interview methodologies including the STAR methodology which is used specifically for interviewing call center and customer service candidates. Over a period of 2 years with this client we have successfully staffed more than 50 training classes and onboarded over 1,000 contractors.